The Sto Basic EIFS Test is a 50 question multiple choice test. It is intended for non-entry level applicators that have some experience with EIFS application and/or have already taken the AWCI EIFS Mechanics training program and obtained the AWCI certificate. It should take you no longer than one hour to complete the test. The test questions are based on information presented in the Sto Installation Handbook for Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems. The Manual is available online for review before taking the test or it can be ordered through your local Sto Distributor. The objective of the test is for you to verify your knowledge of the proper use and handling of Sto EIFS products before beginning to install them. Simply click through the questions and select your answers.

Upon completing the test, click the Process button and your test will automatically be graded and a Sto EIFS Certificate issued verifying that you have taken the Sto Basic EIFS test and achieved a score of 100%. If a score of 100% is not achieved, you may review the missed question(s) and select a different answer until all 50 questions are answered correctly. At that time, a Sto EIFS Basic Certificate will be issued.

The Sto Basics EIFS Test is a password protected section of our site. Please contact your local Sto Distributor to obtain a user name & password in order to take the test and apply for a certificate. You may call Sto at 800-221-2397 if you have trouble locating your Sto Distributor.

Review the Installation Handbook prior to taking the test in order to become familiar with basic knowledge

Take the test immediately without reviewing the Installation Handbook

Use this link if you've already passed the Sto Basic EIFS test and want to reprint their certificate.

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